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Mach5 Mailer

It is mailing software used for sending email messages to your contacts
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Mach5 Mailer is mailing software used for sending personalized email messages to your contacts. It uses your database source (including Access and Excel) for sending emails with conditional content, HTML formatting, or attachments. The use of TLS/SSL encryption allows the User to operate on more mail servers and its Auto Configuration facility enables a simplified setup process. The built-in mail delivery server and e-mail scheduler can help you sending your mails during low-bandwidth or idle hours.
This tool is great for sending newsletters and announcements. You can see the message before sending by using the preview option and this will help you send the emails more effectively. The HTML formatting helps you send combined HTML and plain text messages to your contacts. The attachments come from a field in your database, so you can send encoded emails to different contacts with different attachments automatically. Balance statements or invoices can be carried out with built-in currency field.
With the message filtering facility you can send the emails to just the customers you intended, using contents of your database and the ODBC supports you to connect with any databases over the internet or LAN. You can process the input emails with the PopMonger easily, which can add or remove email addresses. You can use PopMonger to import emails directly into your database. PopMonger can also be used for managing failed messages, unsubscribe requests, auto replies, and email redirection.

Manoj Goel
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  • Effective for Enterprise marketing
  • Easy handling of input and output emails
  • With access to database, send different attachment with each mail
  • Great use for handling announcements and newsletters
  • You can send Balance sheet and invoices
  • ODBC support


  • Supports only Windows platforms, no support for Linux and Mac users
  • When using free version a tagline is attached and limited to 200 messages
  • Connecting a database with ODBC through internet or LAN makes the process slow
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